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Sunday, January 16, 2005

Be on the new SAHEN (not-to-be) published Contact List

We are putting together a list - not to be published ever - of homeschoolers who wish to connect with other homeschoolers in their area.

If you wish to be on this list please include:
* Your name
* Your children's names and ages (date of birth too)
* Address
* Phone numbers
* Email address
* Plus any information that you'd like to add: hobbies, lifestyle preferences, religion, homeschooling approach (how you homeschool - school-at-home, Charlotte Mason influenced, Montessori, learning naturally, eclectic, etc)

Could you also please add if you organise any regular activities or excursions in your area, and whether you wish these to be offered to new homeschooling families?

Send your details to:


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