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Sunday, January 09, 2005

South Australian Home Education Resources

I compiled the following list some years ago and some of the details may have changed. If you find any that are no longer correct please email Beverley or Debbie or Stephanie

For information about Open Access College for Years 10-12, contact Mr Darren Jones on 1800 882328.

Nature Education Centre, 39 Osmond Terrace Norwood. ph: 8363 0238
Investigator Science Centre, Rose Terrace, Wayville Showgrounds. ph: 84101115
CSIRO Double Helix Science Club, PO Box 225, Dickson, ACT 2602
Junior Field Naturalists, Adelaide Zoological Gardens, Frome Rd Adelaide.
Museum of Economic Botany, Adelaide Botanic Gardens, North Terrace, Adelaide. ph: 8223 8911
Physics Museum, University of Adelaide Ground Floor, Physics Building. PH: 8228 5996
South Australian Museum (and Friends of the Museum Junior Club), North Terrace, Adelaide. PH: 8223 8911
Tate Geological Museum, University of Adelaide Mawson Laboratories, Adelaide University off Frome Rd. PH: 8228 5959
Astronomical Society of South Australia Inc. GPO Box 199 Adelaide PH: 8270 5644
For information about science and technology competitions etc write to SASTA, 1st floor, 211 Flinders St, Adelaide, or phone 8224 0871 and ask for their brochure.
Technology Education Centre, 32A Dew St, Thebarton, phone 8354 4000, stock resources, teaching materials, and run courses.

Trees For Life – Free Tree Scheme Volunteers, Brookway Drive, Campbelltown, 5074.
The Gould League PO Box 150, Beecroft, 2119
World Wild Life Club GPO Box 528, Sydney, 2001
Nangawooka Flora Park – 5km out on the Adelaide Rd from Victor Harbour (opposite Urimbirra).
National and Conservation Parks of SA, for information see listing in Telephone Directory under ‘Environment and Natural Resources, Department of.
National Parks and Reserves PH 82264000
St Kilda Mangrove Trail, Fools Terrace, St Kilda, PH: 8280 8172
Nature Education Centre, Osmond Terrace, Norwood, PH: 8363 0238
Botanic Gardens, North Terrace Adelaide. PH: 8228 2322
Botanic Gardens, Mt Lofty, Wittunga, Beechwood and Black Hill Flora Cenre. PH: 8228 2311
Warrawong Sanctuary , Stock Road, Mylor. PH: 8370 9422
SA Whale Centre, Railway Terrace, Victor Harbour.
Environment Shop, Australis Building, 77 Grenfell St, Adelaide, educational resources on environmental issues. Some free materials available.

The Arts
The Eye Spy Club, Adelaide Art Gallery, North Terrace, Adelaide.
Commission Dyers (fabric and craft supplies etc). 7 Pinn St, St Mary’s. PH: 8276 2844
Plaster Fun House, 506 Brighton Rd, Brighton. PH: 8296 5325
Plaster Fun House, 617 Main North East Road, Gilles Plains. PH: 8369 0311
Tandanya, 235 Grenfell Road, Adelaide. PH: 8822 2467
Art Gallery of South Australia, North Terrace, Adelaide. PH: 8207 7000
That's Not garbage - Recycled materials available for purchase, clean, safe and non-toxic, ideal for arts and crafts. Some of their products are fabric, perspex, cardboard, mirror tiles, foam. leather, and much more. Visit their warehouse at 24 Charles St, Beverley. They are open from Wed - Fri 9.30-5 and Sat 9.30-3.

SA Video and Film Collection, Plain Central Services. Collection of more than 10,000 videos and 5000 films with an emphasis on Australiana, Business and Training, Documentary, Children's, Classic films. Available to you through your local library. Ask at information desk. If they are unsure, ask them to look on the Plain Computer System.
SA Art Gallery has a mailing list for those wishing to be advised of upcoming school holiday programs. Contact Art Gallery to be included on the list.
Kirinari School, Trimmer St, Unley , offers art and craft classes for homeschoolers. Ph 8278 2307 for more details.
Adelaide Symphony Orchestra has free material available for download from the net.
BankSA's Something on Saturday, mailing list, write to GPO Box 1269, Adelaide, 5001.
Morning Melodies Mailing list, write to GPO Box 1269, Adelaide, SA.
Light on Adelaide - State Library continuous screening of a film about Colonel William Light, goes for 12 minutes, Light leads you around Adelaide to discover the city's past and present delights. State Library, North Terrace, Mon-Fri 9.30-8pm, Sat and Sun 12-5pm.
You can also take the National Trust of SA first audio walking tour (approx 1-2 hours depending on stops), $15 for player and cassette (deposit required). Enquiries and bookings Ayers House 8232 1234.
The Right Zone and Young Writer – magazines for children, PO Box 42 Kings Meadow, Tas, 7249 (fostering the craft for future authors).
Creative Solutions – produce Comet, Challenge, Explore, Pursuit magazines for children. PO Box 203 North Melbourne 3051
Adelaide Old Books have a huge secondhand book sale at Walkerville Town Hall every few months. Books $1-$3, some rare books a little dearer. Huge range of titles, most in excellent condition. Write to them and ask to go on to their mailing list to be advised of upcoming sales P.O. Box 1165, North Adelaide, SA, or phone 8239 1665
Book Agencies on Glynburn Road, Hectorville, are worth a visit when looking for resource material. They have a wide range of educational material and can order in publications upon request.
EXcel Educational Support Services now offer a home schooling consultancy service. Phone 8326 7088 or write to them at PO Box 25, Clarendon, 5157.

Languages Other Than English
Alliance Francais – 319 Young Street, Wayville, 5034. PH: 8272 4281

Society – History, Cultural and Intercultural Studies
The Department of Lands Museum, King William St, Adelaide.
Community Aid Abroad Indian Sub-Continent Village, Kidman Park Primary School, Kidman Park, Adelaide. PH: 8223 3405
Adelaide Gaol Museum, Port Road, Adelaide. PH: 8216 7745
Ayers House, 228 North Terrace, Adelaide. PH: 8223 1655
Migration Museum 82 Kintore Avenue, Adelaide. PH: 8223 8748
Museum of Classical Archaeology, University of Adelaide, Mitchell Building, North Terrace. PH: 8228 5226
Museum of Exploration, Surverying and Land Heritage, Old Treasury Building, 144 King William St, PH: 8226 4033
Old Parliament House, North Terrace, Adelaide. PH: 8212 6881
Postal Museum, 2 Franklin St, Adelaide. PH: 8216 7745
South Australian Police Museum, Police Barracks and Armoury Building, off North Terrace, Adelaide. PH: 8274 8526
Tandanya (Aboriginal Cultural Institute) 253 Grenfell St, Adelaide. PH: 8223 2467
Australian Trotting Hall of Fame, Port Wakefield Road, Bolivar. PH: 8258 2522
Beaumont House, Corner Dashwood and Glynburh Roads, Beaumont. PH: 8379 5301
The Brocas Museum, 111 Woodville Rd, Woodville. PH: 8845 5716
The Buffalo Museum (and restaurant), Pattawalonga Boat Haven, Glenelg North, 5045. PH: 8294 7000
Carrick Hill, 509 Fullarton Rd, Springfield. PH: 8379 3886
Gallery of Costume, 4 North Parade, Port Adelaide. PH: 8234 1104
Embroiderer’s Guild Museum, 16 Hughes St, Mile End. PH: 8234 1104
Fort Glanville, 359 Military Road, Semaphore South. PH: 8292 2561
Fort Largs Police Academy Museum, Strathfield Terrace, Taperoo. 5017 PH: 8248 9411 (Open by prior request in writing)
Latvian Museum, 34 Rose Terrace, Wayville, 5034. PH: 8352 2396
Lithuanian Museum, 6 Eastry Ave, Norwood, 5067.
Port Dock Railway Museum, Lipson St, Port Adelaide. PH: 8341 1654
South Australian Gas Company Museum, East St, Brompton. PH: 8217 5211
South Australian Historical Aviation Museum, Mundy St, Port Adelaide. PH” 8278 7478
South Australian Maritime Museum, Lipson St, Port Adelaide. PH: 8240 0200
Steamranger Museum, Railway Terrace, Dry Creek. PH: 8260 4653
Sturt House, Jetty St, Grange. PH: 8356 8185
Ukrainian Folk Art Museum, 6 George St, Hindmarsh. PH: 8372 5117.
Parliament House, corner King William Road and North Terrace, Adelaide. PH: 8237 9100
National Motor Museum, Birdwood. PH: 8568 5006.
Connie's Bookshop, new books and secondhand. Huge range of teachers resources and student text and workbooks, new, at a quarter of original price. Athelstone Shopping Centre, Gorge Rd.


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