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Saturday, May 28, 2005

Local Site Wish List

Every so often I'm part of a group talking about how to cater to the information needs of our growing homeschooling community, and it seems that a central web repository of information is the first essential step. Some Australian states have home education organisations that maintain excellent websites. Some individually owned sites maintain information and links. Keeping all this up-to-date and relevant is quite a task.

Ann's article talks about what homeschoolers want to see from a local information service. The question I'd like to ask is:

"Do homeschoolers prefer LOCAL information provided locally; or information relevant to their STATE only; or would they prefer to use a NATIONAL information service?"

The article below, written by Ann Zeise can be found at and I thought it is a good introduction to get a discussion going on the topic of support groups.

This article can be found at

Local Site Wish List

"Who should read this?

  • Local & Regional Support Group Webmasters;
  • Library site developers making homeschool resource pages;
  • Local, Community or City site developers making homeschool support pages;
  • Local parenting resources e-zine publishers.

After the usual homeschooling information, what homeschoolers would really like to see are pages with links to your unique regional resources for families. If you don't know much about homeschooling, link to this site, your state page, and then provide local resources. May I suggest these links could include but not necessarily be limited to:

  • Art resources (from supplies to lessons)
  • Banks with free children's accounts
  • Bookstores (including used books)
  • Businesses and industries that give tours (Contact information)
  • Children's theater and musical groups
  • Drivers ed resources & teen driving regulations
  • Educator Discount retailers who include homeschool teachers
  • Genealogy collections available locally
  • Historic sites, reenactments, societies
  • Kid-friendly gyms, athletic clubs, and community athletic teams
  • Libraries (and how to access online)
  • Music schools, piano teachers
  • Museums (especially kid-friendly, hands-on places. Info about classes.)
  • Natural areas, especially those that have nature guides
  • Publications that list family activities
  • Science supply outlets (low priced) and classes
  • Trails (within the city or out; bike paths)
  • Tutoring and mentoring services (especially math and reading)
  • TV stations with community college classes or similar programming
  • Volunteer opportunities for young people
  • Youth organizations (scouts, 4-H, Campfire, etc.)

I cannot hope to be an "expert" on such a wealth of materials that are already in your grasp. Please! Let us partner in what we each can do best. Link to the pages on my site that give your audience what they need. Email me and let me know you have begun a regional resource section on your site, and I'll most likely link it in my "Regional and Worldwide" resources page most relevant to your area."

I welcome your comments... I'm forever 'tweaking' my websites with the aim of offering homeschoolers what they need in order to make homeschooling a breeze. It's good to get feedback. Home education is coming of age in Australia - what do you think we need to do to make it more accessible for interested families?


Friday, May 27, 2005

Open House and Information Afternoon on Natural Learning, Yankalilla

Are you new to homeschooling and/or interested in Natural Learning?
Beverley is holding an Open House and Information Afternoon on Sunday July 10th from noon at Yankalilla.
There will be unschooling & natural learning books for sale, magazines and homeschooling records, etc on display. Bring your questions for Beverley to try and answer!
For those wishing to stay later we will be cooking up a BBQ and bonfire about 5pm - bring your guitars, didgeridoos, tap sticks, drums, etc for some musical mayhem. If it's cold, and it should be, remember to bring jackets, boots, beanies and scarves!
Please RSVP by email or phone 04231 908220 - just in case, for any reason, the afternoon is cancelled. Bring a picnic lunch or just pop in for a quick chat.

Melrose Homeschooling Camp, Lower Flinders Ranges

Monday 17th to Friday 21st October

Dormitories, recreation hall, hiking, swimming, activities, astronomy and other activities

Approximate cost:
$15 per person per night. A booking fee of $15 per family applies - send a cheque or money order to Beverley Paine, PO Box 371 Yankalilla SA 5203, together with names and ages of those attending the camp, plus your contact details. For more information about the camp, email Beverley or Anthea

There are three buildings with dormitory style accomodation. The Bannon Wing has 4 rooms with bunk beds for 6 people in each room. The Jubilee Wing has 8 rooms with bunk beds for 6 people in each room. This wing also contains a kitchenette and a meeting room with easy chairs. Both of these wings are carpetted and have an en-suite.
The American Wing is an older style building with 6 rooms which each accommodate 4 people. Showers and toilets are situated at the end of this building under the same roof.

Other amenities:
The Chapel of Christ the King is available for worship and study. There is a dining room and modern kitchen with a cold room and industrial size gas stoves. The Centre also has a swimming pool, gas fired barbecue, and an Activity Hall for games and other activities. There is a large area for sport and outside activities.
There is gas heating in Hall and Chapel is available at hirer's expense. If we use this service we will ask all campers for a gold coin donation to cover the cost. All crockery, cutlery, and cooking utensils are on site. A phone is available for campers use. Reverse Charge Calls, Phone Away card or Telecard needed. The telephone number is (08) 8666 2177. There is a full-time Warden on site: (08) 8666 2096.

Please bring:
blankets and sheets, or sleeping bag, pillow
first aid equipment
toilet roll
sports equipment
inside games, art, craft and other activities

Camp rules:
No firearms, alcohol, dogs or gambling. No smoking inside buildings. No bleaches or disinfectants in toilets or handbasins - use products suitable only for septic tank systems. Swimming in the pool is only allowed if an adult is present to supervise.

Planned activities so far...
* Astronomy - Mr Jackson and the Paine's are both bringing telescopes, so we'll be doing some star gazing and astronomy.

* Shared meals...
Watch this space for information for a shared meal each day. Please bring ingredients to suit the meal which will communally cook! Lunch and Breakfast are self-catered by each family.

Tuesday, May 24, 2005

SA Homeschooling Links


Please ADD your favourite South Australian homeschooling links and resources by posting a Comment below.

There is an extensive list of Australian home education links, contacts and resources at Homeschool Australia

A place to share stories, jokes, games etc. Lots of great stuff!

SA Curriculum - the South Australia Education Department curriculum framework.

To find your local Society for Creative Anachronism (SCA) group in both Austrlaia and New Zealand (both mundane countries are part of the same Kingdom in the SCA) go to:

five themes of geography

social studies lessons and resources

Home Education Australia
National Organization with an excellent bi-monthly free on-line publication

Homeschool Reviews
Lots and lots of homeschool books & curriculum reviewed. You can submit reviews of your own too. Excellent site.

Over 18500 links to education and fun. Includes Art, colouring, fun, games, maths, worksheets for kids, teachers or parents and more.

Resource Noticeboard
Buy/sell home education resources

South Australian Curriculum, Standards and Accountablity Framework
South Australian Education Dept Curriculum

National Home Education Week - Looking Forward to 2005

National Home Education Week is over... and what a week of activities we had to celebrate learning at home and in the community!

Since it's inception a couple of years ago homeschoolers across Australia have taken to the idea of a national week of celebration with activities ranging from workshops to camps, art and craft activities, excursions, picnics, tree planting, educational activities, library sessions, bushwalks and more...

Some families celebrate privately while others get together with others to share the joy of learning without schools. The central idea is to recognise, honour and celebrate all approaches to home education, and if the idea is promoted more widely in the community - well, that's a bonus!
In South Australia 'Open House' Homeschooling Days have taken off and are a regular feature on the homeschooling community calendar. They offer families new to the idea of homeschooling the opportunity to talk to those with a year or two (or more) of experience. It's great 'peeking in' at how others homeschool - seeing how the home is set up as a learning environment, learning about other approaches to education, meeting the children and parents and generally becoming very reassured that homeschooling is a viable and successful alternative to sending your children to school.

Beverley Paine is collecting ideas for Home Education Week 2006... Let's aim to fill every day with a variety of exciting activities across the greater Adelaide metropolitan area together with regional happenings! Email Beverley with your suggestions and ideas -

Sunday, May 15, 2005

Scholastic Book Club News

Stephanie alerted me to the fact that there is a separate section of Scholastic that carry the Klutz books. Their web site for the titles is: .The attached file has the availability and price list that they sent to me. If a number of people order together and the order is over $150 then we aren't charged any shipping otherwise there's a $11 shipping charge per order. I am planning on putting in a regular Scholastic bookclub order this Monday and for those interested in the Klutz items I'll be putting in the order mid week.