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Tuesday, May 24, 2005

National Home Education Week - Looking Forward to 2005

National Home Education Week is over... and what a week of activities we had to celebrate learning at home and in the community!

Since it's inception a couple of years ago homeschoolers across Australia have taken to the idea of a national week of celebration with activities ranging from workshops to camps, art and craft activities, excursions, picnics, tree planting, educational activities, library sessions, bushwalks and more...

Some families celebrate privately while others get together with others to share the joy of learning without schools. The central idea is to recognise, honour and celebrate all approaches to home education, and if the idea is promoted more widely in the community - well, that's a bonus!
In South Australia 'Open House' Homeschooling Days have taken off and are a regular feature on the homeschooling community calendar. They offer families new to the idea of homeschooling the opportunity to talk to those with a year or two (or more) of experience. It's great 'peeking in' at how others homeschool - seeing how the home is set up as a learning environment, learning about other approaches to education, meeting the children and parents and generally becoming very reassured that homeschooling is a viable and successful alternative to sending your children to school.

Beverley Paine is collecting ideas for Home Education Week 2006... Let's aim to fill every day with a variety of exciting activities across the greater Adelaide metropolitan area together with regional happenings! Email Beverley with your suggestions and ideas -


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